Want to travel with your pet?

You need to pay attention to this…

Choice 1: Self-driving tour with pets

There is no doubt that traveling by car is definitely the best way to travel with pets.

Just prepare a car and go wherever you want. But self-driving is actually not that easy. In order to allow pets to have a better and more comfortable travel environment, and to make good memories with our beloved pets during the journey, we must prepare in advance for some aspects. It is necessary for our perfect trip!

Tips 1:Essential items

Pet carrier, although this tool is named pet carrier, in fact, when traveling, the main use occasion is self-driving travel. For small and medium-sized dogs and cats, if they encounter public places that require pets to “temporarily avoid” during the journey, this tool can be of great use.

Pet car mat are very useful when driving with pets. It can prevent naughty dogs from scratching the car seat and don’t worry about them bringing dirt to the car. Pet car mats are generally made of waterproof coating materials, which are waterproof and non-sticky. They can also be packaged as a whole to ensure the safety of pets.

Traction rope, it is also one of the most important travel equipment. Although it can give pets more free space to have fun during travel, dogs are often naughty. They still need to lead them when necessary. It’s best to choose a retractable traction rope!

Pet seat belts are generally dual-purpose: they are fixed on the vehicle safety belt to ensure the safety of our pets; Replace the collar when walking. Remember to buy adjustable, buckle design and waterproof and breathable seat belts.

Pet tag, a tag with pet identity information and keeper contact information, which can be contacted if it is accidentally lost.

Pet food, usually the food most suitable for your pet’s taste, must be prepared. Of course, you have to prepare a food basin at the same time.

Insect repellent spray, when traveling in the wild, small insects and mosquitoes will not only bite the keeper. Insect repellent spray allows pets to have fun while not being harassed by fleas, lice, and mosquitoes.

Tips 2:Precautions before travel

1. Take a pet for a walk and defecate 1 hour before departure; Feed pets a small amount of food 6 hours before departure;

2. The car seat should cover with pet pads and place with their favorite toys to make them more comfortable;

3. During the journey, roll down the window to let the pet breathe fresh air and prevent carsickness; Find a chance to let it get out and stretch or drink water;

4. Do not leave pets alone in the car. Pets are easy to get heatstroke in the closed car in the summer sun;