The origin of pet carrier

Many people first know the pet carrier because they need to check their pets when traveling with pets

The reason why the pet carrier is named is also because it was first used in pet air transportation.

In fact, the cat carrier is not only a tool for cats to travel, it also has its very practical training function.

Choosing a “pet carrier” of suitable size and material for your cat can build a cat-specific “living room”, especially for kittens that can help them adapt to the new environment as soon as possible, and they can also develop good living habits.




choose the

pet carrier?

If you buy a carrier only for air transportation, then you’d better understand the airline’s regulations and whether there are specific restrictions.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends that if your pet has never traveled far before and has never used the pet carrier, you must start training your pet to adapt to this tool a few months in advance.

Some carriers will be marked “aviation-specific” on the outer packaging

(but IATA emphasizes that they will not provide approval and certification services for specific brands and manufacturers).

Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the most basic dimensions, materials and other details in the process of selecting pet carriers.


The material of the pet carrier used for consignment is preferably light but strong. The materials available on the market are mostly wood, plastic and metal.

The most commonly used carrier is made of tempered plastic. The biggest advantage is lightness. Some high-end brand products even It can ensure that its strength is not inferior to metal.


Although the metal carrier is stronger, it is not easy to transport, and the wooden carrier also has the problem of insufficient strength. If you are consigning a small cat, it is best to have a handle.

When choosing a product for a large cat, you must pay attention to whether it has wheels or a product that is foldable and easy to disassemble, which is more conducive to transportation.


After choosing the brand and material, what you need to concern is the size of the pet carrier.

If you want to judge whether the pet carrier is suitable for your cat from the intuitive effect, it depends on whether the cat can lift its head freely when standing in the carrier and is not restricted when it sits down or turns around. The carrier cannot be too small, otherwise the cat will feel depressed, nervous, and instinctively reject this tool.