dog-keepers have to prepare a

dog crate?

Dog Crate=Dog Prison?

This is a misunderstanding!

The main functions of dog crate are as follows:


Prevent dogs from tearing down our house.

We all know that dogs are generally energetic. If there is no one at home to play with them during the day, they may start to dismantle your bed and sofa. A dog crate can not only avoid a mess at home, but also avoid dog injury to a certain extent.


Dog crate can be used to isolate dogs.

Because for dogs, some physical discomfort may inevitably occur.

The dog crate can play a better role in isolation and better cultivation. Even if there are strangers at home and the dog is in the crate, it won’t scare our guests.


Dog crate can cultivate dogs’ independence.

In fact, dogs, like people, learn to “be alone” is also a required course in life.Because the Dog keeper can never be with them every time, the dog that is too clingy will also cause a lot of inconvenience to the owner. Even if it is separated from the owner occasionally, it will not be too anxious.


The dog crate is mainly a tool for easy management and training of dogs.

It is also a tool for the owner to go out to do errands or come back to take care of his pets!

The dog crate is not a “prison” you use to punish it, but an exclusive space for the dog in the family.

It is a place where the dog sees it as if it goes in and rests.