Part 1:

Dog Sleeping Place Selection

1. Pay attention to the Sleeping place

It’s best not to leave the dog on the balcony. They usually don’t have a sense of security and are really prone to accidents. If there is a dog cave similar to a groove at home, the dog should love it very much!

2. Let the dog choose

Dogs don’t bother their owners too much. In fact, dogs will sleep in the most reassuring place with their own feelings, but the owners also need to pay attention to some special positions, such as our bedroom. We can believe that they’ll find another good place by themselves.

3. Adjust according to the weather

The five-star treatment for the dog’s bed is also reflected in giving the dog different pads according to different weather. In addition to summer, dogs like to sleep on the cold pad to cool down, in other seasons, owners should give dogs different dog pads.

4. Training dogs to sleep in dog beds

When the dog is almost full and should go to bed, the owner uses special instructions to guide him into the doghouse, let the dog get used to obedience, succeed and give some rewards.

Part 2:

Focus on the dog’s

sleep state

5. Dogs sleep and rest

In fact, dogs’ sleep is no different from ours. In addition to allowing the body to rest and supplement physical strength, the brain can also relax and have a good rest to sort out memory

6. Pet sleep frequency

The body and brain are repeatedly in heterogeneous sleep and non-heterogeneous sleep. Awake and non-sleeping states play a connecting role. Generally, non-sleeping states account for about 80% of sleep.

Dogs’ sleep frequency is 45 minutes, just half as often as humans.

7. Comfortable sleep quality

Let the dog frequently accept the command signal and make his emotion active.

For example, simple commands such as drinking water or sitting down can make the dog’s mind accept the command signal and activate his brain, so as to improve his sleep quality.