Dogs spend most of the day sleeping,

Therefore, if you want your dog to sleep well,

a good bed is indispensable!

There are so many dog beds on the market,

How to choose the right one for dogs?

1. Don’t just look at appearance,

practicality is the most important

First, choose a dog bed for your dog. Practicality is the most important. Don’t just look at your appearance.

You’d better not choose the inferior cotton dog bed that directly contacts the ground. Although it is said that it can be disassembled and washed, after washing, the cotton wadding inside will become a mess and it is difficult to restore it as it is. In addition, in the plum rain season, the moisture on the ground is easy to seep back into the dog bed, which is not good for the dog’s health.

2. Choose a dog bed

that is slightly larger than the size of your dog

Secondly, choosing a dog bed for a dog depends on the size of your dog.

You can’t choose too small, because the dog’s body can’t stretch.

For a long time, the dog’s bones and health will be affected,

and you can’t choose too large, because it will make the dog feel insecure. It’s best to choose a slightly larger size than the dog.

3. Pay attention to comfort and warmth

Then, choose a dog bed for the dog, pay attention to comfort and warmth, in fact, you need pay attention to the fabric of the bed.

Now most of the bed fabrics on the market are pure cotton, acrylic and flannelette, and the fillers are mainly sponge, cotton and PP cotton.

Among them, the first choice for the most comfortable and warm fabric must be pure cotton, followed by flannelette, while the first choice for filler is PP cotton, followed by cotton.

4. Choose the one that easy to clean

Fourth, it’s best to choose a dog bed for the dog.

After all, the pet owner doesn’t want to wash the bed for the dog. You can’t wash it all day. The easiest thing to clean must be the wooden dog bed. Medium and large dogs can buy this.

The second is the cotton dog bed. But try to reduce accessories so that it is more convenient to clean.

5. Look at the details

Finally, choose a dog bed for your dog and look at the details.

Now there are many types of dog beds. Some beds are not only made of cotton, but also padded with a layer of leather, which has a good waterproof effect; Some have bases that will not directly contact the ground to avoid moisture, so be sure to choose the most suitable bed for your dog.

In addition, it is best to choose a nest cushion with a depression in the middle, so that the dog can sleep more safely.