How to keep your cat active?

When you adopt a pet, you have the responsibility of ensuring they are well cared for both physically and mentally. Many people consider cats to be independent creatures, but they still need our help to thrive and live long, healthy lives.

Healthy Weight

One way to ensure your cat’s mental and physical health is to help them maintain a healthy weight. Talk to your veterinarian about what your cat should weigh and what cat food is best for their overall health. Just as a healthy diet helps us feel better, it helps your cat, too.‌

If your cat is overweight, dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to playing with your cat in ways that keep them highly active. Ideas for play include:

1. Chasing one another or playing peek-a-boo
2. Playing hide-and-seek
3. Using a laser pointer
4. Feather toys‌
5. Paper bags and boxes for exploring

Cat trees

Many pet stores carry cat perches, condos, and trees that give your cat vertical space to explore. These structures are usually multi-level towers with places to sit in and on. They may be made of carpet and other materials that encourage your cat to dig their claws in to climb and scratch.

The desire to sharpen their claws is natural to cats, and a perch or tree can help save your other furniture from their claws. If possible, have at least two towers in different rooms of your house. Consider putting them by windows and rearranging them periodically so your cat receives additional mental stimulation from being in different areas of your home.

Switch Out Toys

You may give your cat small mouse toys, balls, and feather toys to play with when you’re not at home. Keep a collection and rotate the available toys every week so your cat consistently has something new to play with. Be sure to store any string toys away when you’re not supervising playtime so your cat doesn’t get tangled up.