The characteristics and uses of the Oxford fabric

Oxford fabric is very popular due to its characteristics and multipurpose use. It is particularly used for making casual or sporty cotton shirts, pants, and other casual-to-formal garments.

Characteristics of Oxford fabric

Oxford fabric can be a perfect match for many applications. With its smooth finish and subtle sheen, it’s low key and great for
everything from camping to computer bags! Coated in urethane, this fabric repels water and resists rips and tears. It is easy to work with, lightweight, and incredibly versatile.

Uses of Oxford fabric

Coated oxford fabric is frequently used in tent making, for flags and banners, as slip covers for furnishings, and for cases, sacks, and bags. It can be used as a liner or on its own. Oxford fabric offered comprise a durable option that is part of staple clothing finding usage in different end applications. Made from cotton and other fabric options, these cloth options make use of warps combining two fine filaments woven together for creating basket weave pattern. Being sturdy in finish, the superior finish provided in the fabric allows it to breathe, thus making it preferred for making of woven dresses, shirts as well as casual-to-formal cloth options as demanded by the customers.

Waterproof Oxford cloth

Waterproof Oxford cloth itself does not have a waterproof effect, and it has a waterproof effect only after processing and adding a waterproofing agent. Waterproof Oxford cloth finishing is generally divided into two types: breathable fabric and airtight fabric according to the air permeability of the waterproof fabric after processing. The fabric is not breathable. Waterproof Oxford cloth, in short, is a waterproof fabric, which has the advantages of waterproof sunscreen, anti-cold, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wash, and economical.