The Character of Corduroy

 What is corduroy fabric? Corduroy is a durable, [...]

The Character of Corduroy2022-03-15T08:18:32+08:00

What is PP Cotton Filling?

PP cotton is made of polypropylene (Polypropylene (PP), also [...]

What is PP Cotton Filling?2022-03-15T08:18:43+08:00

Cat weight loss

Wight Reduction in Cats [...]

Cat weight loss2022-03-15T08:29:11+08:00

Tips for grooming your own dog’s hair

Our four-legged friends are our family members. But just like our family members, we’re happier when everyone is practicing good hygiene. While your dog may not be able to take a shower or trim their nails on their own, you don’t have to go to an expensive groomer for this. You can easily learn to groom your dog at home.

Tips for grooming your own dog’s hair2022-03-15T08:30:05+08:00


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